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Borrowers' success stories

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  • Babita & Kiran

    Babita & Kiran purchase sunglasses from the factory and sell them to the customers directly. Their plans are big when it comes to expanding the business. They usually operate from their shop and drive fantastic discount strategies to attract buyers from all over Meerut. They have great business acumen and believe that they have the potential to grow as entrepreneurs.

    They want to employ a few people to help her scale the business and engage as many customers as possible. They also want to source inventory from different corners of India.

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  • Vinay & Ravi

    Vinay & Ravi, judo-karate trainers impressed the judges by their expertise and knowledge towards their passion. They were inspired by a situation in Delhi and started a workshop to ensure the safety of women and children. With crimes against women and children on the rise, "it is important for them to learn how to protect themselves in different scenarios" said Vinay.

    They conducted workshops demonstrating various techniques on tackling different issues but are lacking financially to buy equipments like mats and gloves for the members.

Success stories

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